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Gaddie Launches Contact Lens Recycling Program

keep britain tidy

We are proud to announce that we have begun a contact lens recycling program at all Gaddie Eye Centers locations! Concerned about the waste and environmental impact from your daily disposable contacts? So were we, and so were our friends at Bausch + Lomb. Just collect your used blister packs, top foil and contact lenses in a small cardboard box. Once your box is full, drop it off at any Gaddie office and we'll recycle for you. *These items should not be thrown into a standard recycling bin, because even when you make the effort to do so - they get filtered out and directed to landfills* Help us eliminate waste in our community and keep Louisville clean!


WellCare Insurance Update:

Some of you may have recently received a letter from WellCare informing you that we are no longer a provider for them.That letter was sent in error, and we ARE still providing care to our WellCare patients!

Please feel free to call our office if you have any questions.