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Progressive Lenses

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Do You Have Presbyopia? We Have Eyeglasses for You in Louisville, KY!

After age 40, it is extremely common for you to have trouble reading fine print or do any tasks that are detailed and up-close, such as craftwork. This vision condition is called presbyopia, and fortunately it is treated rather easily! In addition, advanced optics – such as progressive lenses for your eyeglasses – have done away with the need for unattractive bifocals or readers that make you look like a granny from a bygone era. Visit our Louisville, KY, vision care center to choose a trendy, flattering pair of eyeglasses to help you read without holding your book at arm’s length!

Eyeglasses with Progressive Lenses

Progressives, AKA PALS (Progressive Addition Lenses), have eliminated the need for a bisecting line across the middle of your eyeglasses lenses. Also known as multifocals or no-line bifocals, these high-tech lenses treat presbyopia invisibly.

PALS provide three-in-one vision, seamlessly blending your prescriptions for near, intermediate, and distance viewing into a single pair of glasses. In practice, that means you can wear the same pair of glasses to read a book, browse websites, or drive down the highway and see the road signs at the end of the exit ramp.

Your prescription for distance vision is built into the top portion of your eyeglasses lenses, and this prescription increases in power gradually until it reaches your “near” prescription for reading glasses at the bottom of the lens. There are no dividing lines between the power zones, and your visual transition is just as smooth. Progressives thereby erase the need to purchase standard bifocals with their unsightly horizontal line. If you have presbyopia and want to try out eyeglasses with progressive lenses, please visit our eye care center in Louisville, KY.

Candidacy for Eyeglasses with PALS

Presbyopia is a vision condition that’s associated with normal aging. Therefore, people over the age of 40 are generally the best candidates for progressive lenses. In the past, many people with presbyopia used to neglect their condition – rather than put on a pair of reading glasses or bifocals. Yet now that advanced materials and cutting-edge technology has led to the development of PALS, attractive eyewear has no limits! Visit our Louisville, KY, eye doctor for your precise vision prescription, and our staff will help you choose a stylish pair of eyeglasses from our optical collection to hold your progressive lenses.

Adapting to Progressive Lenses

With three different zones, you will need to look through the appropriate section of the lens in order to clearly focus at the distance you want to see. To look far off, your eyes will angle upwards slightly; for middle-range vision, you will gaze straight ahead; to read small text or do close-up tasks, your eyes will look downwards slightly. After a short adaptation period, looking through the correct part of your eyeglasses will come naturally.

Pros & Cons of PALS

When you select your eyeglasses in Louisville, KY, we want you to make an informed decision. Here are the primary advantages and disadvantages of progressive lenses:

Advantages of progressives:

  • You only need one pair of eyeglasses
  • Vision feels smooth, without the sensation of a visual “jump”, like you get with bifocal or trifocal lenses
  • Progressives appear like regular lenses; nobody can tell you are wearing them just by looking at you

Disadvantages of progressives:

  • There is typically an adjustment period of one to two weeks to adapt to progressives; during this period, you may feel a bit dizzy when you look through the wrong section of the lens
  • Peripheral vision may be slightly skewed
  • Progressives are more expensive than standard bifocals

Many of patients who visit our optical store to buy eyeglasses are thrilled with the convenience and clarity of progressive lenses. If you have presbyopia, stop by Gaddie Eye Centers in Louisville, KY, anytime to see how progressive lenses can work for you.