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Get Great Eyewear in Louisville, KY

Proudly serving the Louisville, LaGrange and Carrollton, Kentucky.

Eye-catching Eyeglasses in Louisville

Do you need eyeglasses to see clearly?

Or maybe you just want to make a fashion statement with a trendy pair of designer frames?

No matter what your reason for buying eyeglasses, we have a fabulous collection for you to look through!

At Gaddie Eye Centers optical stores in Louisville, our team will fit you with the ideal pair of frames and eyeglasses lenses for your lifestyle, unique taste, and visual requirements. We understand that nowadays, your eyeglasses options are vast – and it can be tricky to find the perfect frames. We will help you sort through the different styles in order to find the look you want. Stop in anytime to browse our Louisville eyeglasses display.

Improve Your Vision and Enhance Your Look

We know the ins and outs of every pair of eyeglasses that we stock, and we’ll point you towards the best designs to support your vision prescription and flatter your appearance. Eyeglasses need to coordinate with your eye color, skin tone, face shape, and personal sense of fashion. Whether you favor a conservative, understated expression or a bold and chic statement, we have glasses for you! Also, when you buy prescription eyeglasses – we’ll verify that your new glasses give you crystal-clear vision before you leave our Louisville store.

Lenses Coatings and Options

Optimal vision depends upon having the right lenses in your eyeglasses. We offer a broad range of lens treatments and coatings, all of which offer unique visual benefits.

such as:

  • UV coatings
  • Anti-scratch
  • Anti-reflective
  • Shatter-proof
  • Impact-resistant
  • Thin, lightweight high-index lenses
  • Advanced aspheric lenses
  • Transitions photochromic lenses

Eyeglasses for Everyone

We offer eyeglasses to suit the simplest to the most complex vision prescriptions. If you have presbyopia, we can provide you with reading glasses (readers), bifocal/multifocal eyeglasses, or progressive lenses. Do you play sports or spend hours driving? We offer a diverse selection of sports and specialty eyeglasses for every condition. Tell our Louisville opticians about your specific needs, and we’ll advise you on the best glasses for sharp vision.

Kids Optical

If your child needs new prescription eyeglasses for kids, be sure to bring him or her along to help select the frames. It is important for children to love their eyeglasses, or they won’t keep them on their face!

Full Customer Satisfaction with Our Louisville Eyeglasses

At Gaddie Eye Center, we provide a 12-month (from date of purchase) unconditional guarantee against breakage of any kind for all of our frames and lenses. We want you to be thrilled with our service and your new eyeglasses! Stop by anytime – no appointment is needed.

Read more about our Gaddie Guarantee!

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