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Time Saving Tips for Your Visit to the Eye Doctor’s Office

How to Maximize the Minutes at Your Optometrist!

No time to visit your eye doctor? That’s not a good excuse. With a little bit of prep, you can help your appointment at the eye doctor go smooth and easy – with no time wasted.

To get started with your eye exam in our Oxmoor office, we’ll ask you to answer some significant questions about yourself, and we may also require certain forms. Just by coming prepared with all the info we need, you are shaving precious minutes off your appointment. Worried that you may need to sit in the waiting room for a few minutes with nothing to do? Not a problem. We also have some suggestions on how to use your wait-time wisely.

With these helpful time saving tips, everyone can fit a visit to the eye doctor into their busy schedule! Now that you have no excuses, don’t delay – contact our eye doctor to book your appointment.

The Earlier, the Better

Book your appointment at the start of the day. In general, the earlier your appointment, the less you will need to wait. As the day progresses, many eye doctors’ schedules fill up with unexpected emergency appointments or visits that take longer than anticipated.

Come Prepared

What to bring with you to your Oxmoor eye exam to save time:

  • Eyeglasses – old or current
  • Contact lenses prescription or boxes from what you currently wear (with labels that show the brand, power, and base curve); Also, know the type of contact lens solution that you use.
  • Eye drops that you apply regularly
  • Sunglasses: If we dilate your eyes, you will need to wear these for the way home
  • Vision insurance card: We will make a copy of your card to keep in your chart
  • Medical insurance card: Some procedures can be covered by major medical insurance plans, depending on medical necessity.
  • Patient History Form: You can fill this form out online and submit it through our website, or print it out and bring to your appointment in our Oxmoor eye care clinic

Information you need to know for your eye care appointment:

  • Family eye history (In particular, has anyone in your family been diagnosed with macular degeneration, cataracts, or glaucoma?)
  • History of any vision problems
  • List of any medications that you take routinely, including dosage
  • Interested in buying computer glasses? Measure the distance between your eyes and computer screen before you come.

All of these details are significant to us in order to provide you with the best eye care possible. Many things that you may not think are related to vision can actually have a strong effect on your eye health, as well as influence your risk of developing certain eye diseases.

Use Your Wait Time Wisely

  1. We feature an outstanding array of quality eyeglasses and sunglasses in our Oxmoor office. You don’t need to wait until you have your precise vision prescription in hand before browsing our optical collection. As you look through the racks of designer frames, our opticians will help you focus on the best options to make your appearance look fabulous and give you sharp vision. We can set your preferred frames aside for after your eye exam, which means all you’ll need to do then is order the correct lenses with your new vision prescription.
  2. Do other members of your family need eye exams? Come with your family calendar (check dates for school vacations, work schedules…) As you wait for your appointment, schedule all the appointments you need.
  3. Are you confused about your vision insurance or medical insurance policy and what it covers? Our staff can review and explain the details of your plan with you while you wait for your eye exam.

Serious Eye Problem that Can’t Wait? Tell Us!

If you have bothersome symptoms that need to be examined and treated quickly, don’t be shy when booking your appointment. Tell us specifically what’s going on with your vision. Our Gaddie Eye Centers staff is trained and experienced in identifying which problems are more serious, and we will squeeze you in quickly in the event of an urgent situation.

Even if you have never had eye problems before, you may have noticed computer vision syndrome symptoms after two or more hours of screen time. Call us today for more information.