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Hybrid Contact Lenses

A Blend of Hard & Soft Contacts in One Lens

Hybrid contact lenses incorporate both types of contacts, rigid gas permeable (GP) and soft, into one lens – giving you the best of both worlds. They have a hard center encircled by a soft ring, thereby giving the crisp vision of a GP lens with the comfort of a soft lens. Several types of hybrid contact lenses are available for different prescriptions, including multifocal designs.

Who wears hybrid contact lenses?

In general, these specialty, cutting-edge lenses are suited for the following cases:

  • People with regular astigmatism who cannot achieve clear vision with soft toric lenses
  • Patients who want the superior visual clarity of GP lenses, but are worried about the wearing comfort
  • Irregular cornea patients who are interested in a new option
  • People with presbyopia and astigmatism

What is the fitting process and maintenance for hybrid contact lenses?

Fitting hybrid contacts is done in the same way as standard contact lenses. We will perform an eye exam and trial lens fitting in our office. Afterwards, you may need a few follow-up eye exams to verify that the corneal fit is healthy and your vision is sharp. Hybrid contacts lenses are customized, and sometimes a bit of tweaking may be necessary to give you the best possible eyesight.

We will provide full training on how to insert, remove, and care for your hybrid contact lenses.

What are the advantages of hybrid contact lenses?

  • Hybrids are usually an excellent choice for patients with astigmatism, because the GP lens can cover most of the corneal astigmatism
  • Crisper visual acuity for all wearers
  • Very comfortable wearing experience
  • Price of the lenses is comparable to soft multifocals or GP multifocals

Are you a good candidate for hybrid contact lenses? Contact us at Gaddie Eye Centers to schedule a consultation.