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Home » What's New » Can I Wear My Contact Lenses With Dry Eyes?

Can I Wear My Contact Lenses With Dry Eyes?

We fit a lot of patients with contact lenses and see a lot of patients with dry eyes. That can only mean that we also see a lot of contact lens wearing patients who are suffering from dry eyes. One of the biggest questions that we get is, "Can I wear my contact lenses with dry eyes?" Any contact lens wearer dreads hearing those words that they need to stop wearing contact lenses. So is it safe?

The truth is that in most case it is actually safe to wear them. With something like pink eye, wearing contact lenses can raise the risk of a scratched cornea. However, with dry eyes, there is no such risk.

What we do suggest to patients who have chronic dry eyes is to consider daily disposable contact lenses. With a fresh pair of contact lenses every day, it means less build-up and a more comfortable experience. We also offer various eye drops, vitamins, and eye compressions. All are safe with contact lens wearing use.

In general, it is best to speak with us directly to see what is the best course of action for you and the health of your eyes.